PolySurF™ are functional monomers and additives that are used for UV-curing and emulsion polymerisation. PolySurF™ can be used as adhesion promoters and polymerisable stabilisers. End uses include wet-scrub improvement of emulsions, adhesives, bonding agents, detergents and cleaners.

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      STRUKSILON Organofunctional Silanes

      STRUKSILON organofunctional silanes are used as adhesion promoters or coupling agents between inorganic matter such as silica, glass and metal and may also be used in the modification of inorganic or organic surfaces and as starting materials for chemical synthesis.

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      ADD APT Tac range of products are tackifiers used to improve the adhesion of oils and lubricants to reduce lubricant splashing. They can be used in metalworking fluids, rust preventatives, spindle oils and hydraulic fluids. Tac products should be added to the formulation at 30-50°C.

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