26th July 2016

Clydebridge Chemicals (CBC) are a UK based manufacturer of bituminous materials, who can offer a range of products tailor made to a specification. Bitumen paint, mainly aimed at applications such as roofing, can be formulated differently depending on what drying speed the customer desires. Adding reflective foil can also enhance the UV protection offered by the bitumen paint.

Mastics, used for repairing cracks, are also manufactured at CBC. Their viscosity can be varied depending on what desired final outcome the customer desires. Clydebridge Chemicals unique approach to toll manufacture allows customers huge diversity with their formulations, resulting in distinctive final products.

Alongside manufacturing, the facilities at Clydebridge Chemicals also allows for the storage of products. Depending on volumes, CBC can offer a variety of warehousing solutions for their customers’ bituminous products.

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