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Improve Mechanical Properties and Control Cure Time with Huntsman Cement Additives

Air entraining agents such as Huntsman Performance Products EMPIMIN® MKB and NANSA® LSS 495/H surfactants improve longevity of final products by increasing freeze-thaw resistance. Formulating surfactants into admixtures leads to increased cohesion and improves compaction in low workability mixes, whilst avoiding loss in impact strength.

Super plasticisers such as DEHSCOFIX® 161 act as high range water reducers, providing early strength enhancement and reducing time between secondary processing. Due to being naphthalene based, DEHSCOFIX® 161 retards curing time; slower cures affect mixture retention, preventing slump alteration during transport. Therefore the final slump does not need to be reformulated on site, saving valuable time and additional resource.

Huntsman Performance Products offer a range of alkylalkanolamines including N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA). These cement additives improve quality by reducing the number of bugholes in cured cement. MDEA accelerates curing time, encouraging early strength development in the slump. Cements with optimum curing time allow less cement to be used, offering vital cost reductions and lowering carbon footprint.

Huntsman Performance Products offers diverse additives for the construction market including air entraining agents, super plasticisers and quality improvers. For more information on these products please call Alfa Chemicals (Huntsman Performance Products UK and Ireland Distributor) on 01344 397751 or email [email protected].

Huntsman Cement Additives Improve Mechanical Properties and Control Cure Time
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