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Improve Your Paint Performance Whilst Reducing Formulation Complexity with Capstone

Create higher-performing paints and coating with simpler formulation by utilising Chemours Capstone superior wetting, levelling and stain resistance properties. Capstone fluorosurfactants offer a range of chemistries including: ethoxylate (Capstone FS-30 and FS-31), phosphate (Capstone FS-93) and polymeric (Capstone FS-87).
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Create tough, flexible coatings with NEW STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 from Stepan®

Achieve tough, flexible and water resistant coatings with STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 new…
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SNCZ Zinc-Free Anti-corrosion Pigments Allow Formulation of High Performance Eco-friendly Coatings

SNCZ has a range of eco-friendly zinc-free phosphates available, for…
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Improve Workability of Screeds and Adhesives with MECELLOSE from LOTTE Fine Chemicals

For many construction applications workability of the product is key…
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Waterproof Your External Surfaces with STRUKTOL®

Many external construction materials consist of concrete, clay brick or…
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