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Choose Chemal® LFL-17 from PCC Chemax for Cleaning Applications Which Cannot Tolerate Foam

Chemal® LFL-17 from PCC Chemax® is an ideal surfactant to provide defoaming, wetting and anti-streaking properties. Chemal® LFL-17 is an alkoxylated alcohol which is very effective even at low addition levels (recommended us level 0.25-0.5% by weight), ideal for cleaning applications which cannot tolerate foam.
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Discover JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates Environmentally Friendly Solvents

Huntsman Performance Products range of JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates find utility…
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Improve Your Paint Performance Whilst Reducing Formulation Complexity with Capstone

Create higher-performing paints and coating with simpler formulation by utilising…
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Create tough, flexible coatings with NEW STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 from Stepan®

Achieve tough, flexible and water resistant coatings with STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 new…
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SNCZ Zinc-Free Anti-corrosion Pigments Allow Formulation of High Performance Eco-friendly Coatings

SNCZ has a range of eco-friendly zinc-free phosphates available, for…
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