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Maxhib corrosion inhibitors can be used for ferrous, aluminium, galvanised metals and copper systems. 

The range includes amine borates and carboxylates and speciality corrosion inhibitors that can be used in cleaners, coolants and metalworking fluids.  Maxhib’s can be used for all fluid types’ e.g. semi-synthetic, synthetic, soluble and straight oils.

Popular Maxhib grades are detailed in the table below, other grades are available.



Product Name Description Applications/Benefits Add to My Enquiry
Maxhib AB-400 Amine borate corrosion inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals metalworking fluids and industrial cleaners.

Low foamer, hard water stable and good lubricity.
Maxhib OA-3090 Modified amine corrosion inhibitor Replacement for sodium nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor in cutting fluid and industrial cleaners.

Effective vapour-phase corrosion inhibitor and protects non-ferrous metals.

FDA approvals